Our Difference The Power of Choice:  Your Brand.  Our Brand.  Co-Brand.

Becoming a partner with StoragePRO Management has many advantages – business operations assistance, better buying power, access to a wide range of resources to make your business run more effectively and profitably. An owner can take advantage of the larger brand recognition, excellent reputation, and competitive advantages the StoragePRO name provides.

However, we realize that not every client partner is the same. Your business name may already have brand awareness and favorable perception in your marketplace. Or perhaps you have other personal reasons that are important to maintaining your current brand – and that’s absolutely understandable. As a StoragePRO Management partner, we will never require you to change your name.

Another option is co-branding. This is a way to utilize your name as the primary brand and have StoragePRO in a strong supporting brand role. Think how computer brands sometimes promote well-known processors that they use inside; Taco Bell uses the Doritos brand for some of its food products; or Ford uses Eddie Bauer as a part of its SUV line. In certain cases, co-branding can be effective depending on the context of the communication. Most of the time, co-branding works best when both brands have equal recognition.

Whether you want to keep the brand you’ve built or take advantage of the StoragePRO brand, a partnership with StoragePRO Management is about providing a solution that will fit your needs and the best pathway to your success.


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